Friday, November 13, 2009

To Warm Our Romantic Hearts

Couple married 61 years die day one apart

The only day an American couple spent apart in their marriage was a Monday, the day between their deaths.

Laura Presutto and husband Joseph, both 86, died one day apart this week after 61 years of marriage, according to reports from the United States.

The Cincinnati couple's daughter Donna Presutto said the bond between her parents was extraordinarily strong.

She said her mother was in declining health for months and may have held on out of a belief that her husband would be "right behind her" in death.

Laura's passing came on Sunday, reports the The Cincinnati Enquirer, just hours after doctors diagnosed her longtime mate with double pneumonia and told the family he was unlikely to live long.

Joseph died on Tuesday.

The couple met during World War II and were married in 1947.

"They have been inseparable for that entire time," Donna was quoted in their obituary.
How sweet is that?

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JoGJMac( said...

VERY SWEET, INDEED! you really know how to solicit an immediate reaction from me, my friend! beautiful love stories bring out the 'hopelessly romantic' in me! (as if you didn't know...)

kumusta ka na ba? hope everything's will be perfectly fine, so you won't have any excuse for the reunion of the decade. we are all praying, hoping, wishing, etc. to see you in orion in january.

love you, my friend!